StarBase 118 scores kills in the Tumar II Targ Hunt and discovers lost commander

StarBase 118 scores kills in the Tumar II Targ Hunt and discovers lost commander

TUMAR II — As the targ hunt continues, the crew of Starbase 118 encounters more than they bargained for, and reunites with an old friend.
After a secretive meeting with their old ally Dempok to discuss the smuggling of dangerous chemicals into Klingon space, Taybrim welcomed onboard two new Ensigns. As the small team split to participate in the targ hunt, they managed to bring down two targs in the game, despite injuries to the newly arrived Ensign Daniels. Ensign Reema Poq was quick to apply her medical training.
Doctor Nijil’s targ hunting team also successfully brought down their quarry – only for Ensign Avran to be separated from the group with one of their Klingon allies. Their triumphant return was cut short when the group was ambushed by a strange, fire-spitting creature.
Meanwhile, Valentino’s group encountered an ancient hologram at the edge of the ruins that proclaimed they would be tested – and they were tested indeed, as the ruins contained no small amount of traps and tricks. The team applied all their wits and strength to escape unscathed in their ongoing search for the source of strange energy within the ruins.
Lt. Kasun and her group continued their pursuit of clues towards Lt. Cmdr Taelon’s whereabouts, only to be joined by Captain Kaskis Ril – the Klingon captain who found their story intriguing, and claimed her technical operator, Tselu, might possess the answers they needed.
The group followed her leads into the ruins of the temple, only to find that ‘Tselu’ was Commander Taelon himself.
A brief reunion was cut short when the Klingon Captain stepped forward, and clearly angered by the revelation, stabbed Taelon, leaving the team to provide medical assistance to the recovered Officer.
As the search for the source of the strange energy continues and the fire-spitting creature is examined, the hunt is not yet over.
Written by Elspeth

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