StarBase 118 Ops returns from targ hunt on Tumar II and celebrates

StarBase 118 Ops returns from targ hunt on Tumar II and celebrates

STARBASE 118 — Returning from a targ hunt on Tumar II and the timely rescue of Lieutenant Commander Taelon, the crew of StarBase 118 relax and unwind at home.

Newly rescued from his long trip into the past, Lt. Commander Taelon, recovered from his stab wound in Sickbay as the crew enjoyed the traditional post-hunt feast hosted by Counsellor Dempok – replete with bloodwine, fresh meat, and literal blood.
Upon returning to the station, the crew settled in for shore leave.
Taelon took some time to catch up with crewmates new and old, while 1st. Lieutenant Valentino introduced himself to Ensign Poq in his characteristic fashion. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Aitas visited the medics, Ensign Avran and Lieutenant Commander Hael got to know each other over work.
The station was quiet and slid back into routine procedures as the cadet vessel USS Reiver docked at the station for upgrades.
“No one drinks like a Cadet,” Crewman Mves was overheard stating while walking through the Commercial Sector. “And we’ve got a ship full! Party on deck!”
Antero Flynn, Civilian Consultant, naturally saw the opportunity – and the staff of Starbase 118 were once again to hit the beach in the subdistrict of Little Risa for one of his famed beach parties.
Written by Elspeth

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