StarBase 118 crew recognized for hostage rescue

StarBase 118 crew recognized for hostage rescue

STARBASE 118 — In the wake of the hostage crisis aboard the USS Narendra, Captain Taybrim’s crew receives accolades and well-earned shore leave.
After arriving back aboard Starbase 118, the crew of the Starbase received accolades for their work in the Narendra crisis and adjourned to well-earned shore leave.
With Antero Flynn returning to the station after a sabbatical to Risa, he and Lt. Commander Aitas had a much-needed reunion. Meanwhile, less pleasant visitors arrived. In the wake of her son’s continuing disappearance, Imperatrix Azera arrived on Starbase 118 to question Taybrim about the situation. She was not pleased with the answers given and left after swearing to track down Taelon herself.
Other officers spent their leave in rather more aggressive manner, with Angelo Valentino, Gazkra, and other marines throwing themselves into the Klingon pitfighting ring.
Written by Elspeth

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