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Starbase 118 Celebrates New Life and New Officers

STARBASE 118 – In the wake of the Devidian incident, the Starbase 118 Operations crew settled back to throw a baby shower, meet with family, and welcome new officers.

After the end of the Devidian incident, the crew of Starbase 118 settled for some well-deserved shore leave. Of special interest was a celebration for the much anticipated birth of LtCmdr. Aitas and LtCmdr. Antero Flynn’s first child. The crew gathered for a baby shower, taking the time to enjoy some much-needed R&R – and to mourn with their losses and celebrate their successes. Spirits were high as many gathered to congratulate the expectant mother. “I’m forcing myself to stay away from bartending this time. I promise,” said Lt. Commander Aitas as she welcomed the guests.

Shortly after, the crew was joined by two new faces – LtCmdr. Rundstrom and Elspeth – from Kubarey, a recently contacted world participating in an outreach program aboard the starbase. Rundstrom has been assigned to the science department while Elspeth will be acting First Officer.

Meanwhile Aitas and Ishani Kasun continued to look into clues to the location of Lt. Commander Taelon, who was trapped in the past just days before. The ongoing investigation of temporal disturbances and the disappearance of Lt Commander Taelon has so far proved inconclusive, even with the aid of both the station’s Security and Intel departments, as well as civilian assistance in the form of the lost Commander’s father. Starfleet still refuses to list Taelon as dead, and he is currently classified as missing.

Written by Taelon

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