Poll of the Week: The Borg, Reformed

Poll of the Week: The Borg, Reformed

The Borg Collective is a terrifying force in the Star Trek universe. The thought of facing the Borg can even strike fear in the heart of seasoned Starfleet officers. They do not negotiate, they do not worry about diplomacy, and they have no respect for the rights of the individual or other civilizations. They exist to assimilate new drones and resources in order to further expand their Collective. Everything they do is meant to bring them closer to perfection, including the forced assimilation of others into their hive mind. However, what if this was no longer the case? How would you feel if the Borg stopped assimilating people without their consent?
As crazy as it sounds there are some people who might see the benefits of joining the Collective as outweighing the cost of entry. Borg drones are in a sense immortal, have access to knowledge from across the galaxy, and find a sense of purpose in the hive. They only ask that you surrender your individuality in order to be a part of the Collective. Perhaps there are some willing to take them up on that offer.
The Borg Collective may have many problem, but assimilating others is what has gotten them the universal hostility they currently face. If they approached the Federation having sworn off assimilation of the unwilling, would you be more receptive? The Klingon Empire is one of the Federation’s closest friends on the galactic stage and they certainly have their own problems as well. Is this reformed Borg Collective a possible ally or do good fences make good neighbors?
Would you be open to working with the Borg Collective if they stopped assimilating through force? Be sure to let us know what you think in this week’s poll!

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