Poll of the Week: Alternate Worlds

Poll of the Week: Alternate Worlds

Alternate dimensions and parallel universes are common occurrences in Star Trek. They pose fascinating what-if questions that change the course of the universe we know and love in new and interesting ways. What if Starfleet was an evil armada enforcing the will of a corrupt and xenophobic empire? What if the Borg had not been stopped by the Enterprise-D after the Battle of Wolf 359? The answers to these questions set the stage for possible realities that greatly vary from the “prime” universe of Star Trek we are used to. A few of these universes have been explored over multiple films or episodes, but many are seen once and mostly forgotten. They all present interesting scenarios, but some might find certain possibilities more interesting than others. The story of a ship of the Terran Empire or a lone ship stranded in occupied territory could give us new and interesting plots that a Starfleet ship normally couldn’t use.
Which alternate reality would you like to see further explored? Click the link and let us know what you think!

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