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Nova Corporation faces investigation in aftermath of P-995 survey

DURONIS II — Repercussions have filtered through the levels of the Federation government with news of the botched survey of P-995.

“The Bureau will be performing a full investigation on the matter of how P-995’s initial survey was wrong,” stated Tobias Miller last evening, the Director General of the Colonial Affairs Bureau. “If the Nova Corporation intentionally falsified reports to speed up the permitting process they will be held accountable.”

While the potentially falsified survey is a problem for Nova, they are also facing an investigation into why their failsafe and emergency reporting system was so lax.

“Nova holds the lives of our employees and contractors as the more important resource we have,” explained Chethaw Tadomin of the Nova Corporation Public Relations office. “If any of our employees cut corners or didn’t follow appropriate protocol when dealing with a potential hazard, they will be held accountable. We are doing everything we can to help the loved ones of those lost on P-995 cope in this difficult time.”

Crew reports from the USS Thor have been requested to aid in the investigation into Nova Corporation and may play a pivotal role in the inquiry.

Meanwhile, after separate and trying assignments, the crews of the USS Thor, under the commander of Rear Admiral Toni Turner, and the USS Thunder, under the joint command of Commanders Oddas Aria and Brayden Jorey, returned to the Duronis system for some much-needed rest. Officers and crew dispersed to various downtime activities and pursuits.

Members of the Science, Counseling, and Security departments assisted the Laudean government investigating a set of ruins only recently discovered. Rumours from the local archaeologists circulate that the ruins are not of Laudean origin and may predate sentient life on the planet.

Visitors to the Crystal Palace have indicated that numerous members of the senior staff—some reports include the Admiral herself in the group—spent a long evening at the gaming tables and taking advantage of the Laudean hospitality.

Written by Delan Han

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