Hijackers flee after Gorkon crew escape from “Maquis” dream reality

Hijackers flee after Gorkon crew escape from “Maquis” dream reality

TYRELLIAN SECTOR — Following the mass awakening of the USS Gorkon crew from a dreamlike induced state, hijackers escaped on an unknown vessel, and a Starfleet rescue operation was called off.

Believed to be under the influence of a dream creation device, orchestrated by a suspicious Trill known only as Lladre, the senior crew of the USS Gorkon experienced an alternate life as Maquis Resistance during the Dominion War of 2375.
Once liberated from the confines of the illusion, Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds and Doctor Yiggtissi freed the rest of the crew and retook control of the ship. However, Lladre and accomplices escaped, leaving an explosive device behind on the Bridge and another surprise jettisoned into space.
Under the direction of First Officer Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo, the Bridge crew beamed the explosive device into space, triggering superficial damage to the shields and hull of the Sovereign-class starship. Investigations from various disturbances around the ship lent suspicions to Ensign Kudrem Kian, a Science Officer on board the Gorkon, who it is assumed had been influenced into working with Lladre – how, exactly, remains unclear.
Shortly after, Reynolds received a communication from the Trill, revealing herself to be the former Kudrem Kian, having removed the Kian symbiont and placed it in a stasis chamber in space, with limited life support remaining. Faced with the choice of pursuing the escaping hijackers with an unstable warp core, or preserving the life of a Trill symbiont with an expansive lifetime of hosts, the Admiral chose the latter.
Concluding an uncertain search, the symbiont was recovered and transported to the Gorkon’s Sickbay, where Doctor Kael Hahn, a Trill physician, and Doctor Yiggtissi, the Gorkon’s own Chief Medical Officer, performed the joining procedure. Symbiosis Commission approved candidate Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Ferier Lanta agreed to become the new host for the Kian symbiont.
According to information received, Lieutenant Caedan Nkai suffered a substantial injury in the line of fire while protecting the ship and crew, requiring a replacement spleen among several inflicted wounds. The transplant was conducted by Doctor Genkos Sim within the confines of the Gorkon operating theatre. Nkai is reportedly recovering well.
“It was so weird!” read submitted logs of Crewman Halle Marsh, Haliian Biologist. “One minute, we were charging against a horde of invading Vikings, the next we were doing a line-up barn dance on the twelfth planet of Beta Leonis Minioris. I think we all need a healthy and extended conversation with the new Counsellor. Ensign Corliss Fortune, right?”
The last reported location of the former Kudrem Kian, now known to Starfleet as Lladre, was a heading for unknown coordinates in Klingon space. Lladre and associates have been added to Starfleet’s Most Wanted List and are to be apprehended on sight under charges of attempted murder, hijacking, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and grand larceny. She is considered to be armed, dangerous and entirely seditious. Extreme caution is advised.
Under ample assurances from Reynolds that the situation is well in hand, the rescue operation launched has been countermanded. The Gorkon has renewed its course to the Tyrellian Sector and will remain within the orbit of Palanon on standard operations to ensure the crew has recuperated from the ordeal.
Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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