Hidden experimental starship discovered beneath Romulan city

Hidden experimental starship discovered beneath Romulan city

SIKUNA SYSTEM – While examining a research station on the Romulan Republic planet of Sikuna, a team from the USS Gorkon discovered a Valdore-class Romulan Warbird buried beneath the facility.
“The thing was massive,” explained Neman, a scientist working at the verteron research facility. “Imagine it: a full-size warbird buried in an underground hanger! How long has it been there, and how did it even get down there without anyone finding out? It boggles the mind.”
Lt. Cmdr. Erin Reynolds, related to Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds, commanding officer of the Gorkon, led the team that discovered the secret hangar. They managed to enter the ship and made a startling discovery. The ship was the testbed for an experimental technology and not completely abandoned.
“There were rumors going around that the technology was related to the Federation starships Enterprise and Pegasus,” Mr. Neman further explained, “but I have no idea what they are referring to.”
The team managed to assault the bridge and gain control of the ship. During their assault, it was discovered that the ship was crewed by a ragtag group of Andorians and Romulans, their allegiance unknown. Lt. Sera zh’Aella, Chief Security Officer, was wounded in the assault.
In the capital city of Sikuna, Lt. Cmdr. Ayiana Sevo’s team helped Governor Khaveid shelter citizens from a dangerous verteron storm pummeling the area. Hours earlier, numerous citizens turned out to protest and counter-protest the Federation’s invitation to the planet. While inside the safety of the civic center, two opposing groups came to blows, requiring medical attention.
Braving the storm, Commander Sevo took a small group across the street to a medical clinic, looking for supplies to help the doctors left behind caring for the wounded. While in the clinic, Commander Sevo’s team ran across a hysterical man claiming his wife was in labor. She managed to successfully deliver his baby daughter soon after.
Medical officer Lt. J.G. Yiggtissi had been infected by a virulent version of the Skyfire Virus. With help from a local physician and the Gorkon’s medical staff, he managed to develop a cure. Discussions on how to disperse the cure to the general public are currently being debated.
Written by Ayiana Sevo

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