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Awards Ceremony 2018 – Length of Service and Special Awards

Welcome to day three of the annual awards ceremony! Yesterday we announced the recipients of the staff and general awards. Today we’re proud to present the Length of Service and Special Awards.

Our Length of Service Awards recognize folks who’ve hit one of our membership tiers in the last year: 1-year, 3-year, 5-year, 10-year, and now 15-year and 20-year! Special Awards is a catch-all category for awards that don’t fit elsewhere, but mostly entail OOC community innovation and dedication.

Just like with the staff and duty post awards, only one of each award is given each year, with one notable exception: The Xalor Clan Xifilis award, given to any player who has overcome any sort of disadvantage while simming. We don’t compare and weigh one person’s struggles against another but rather award this to all eligible and deserving candidates who are nominated for it.

Head to the forums now to see who received each of the Length of Service and Special Awards from each ship across the fleet, and be sure to congratulate the winners!