USS Gorkon bomber identified and arrested

USS Gorkon bomber identified and arrested

PALANON, TYRELLIAN SYSTEM — After an extensive investigation, the perpetrator of the bombing and near-fatal assault aboard the USS Gorkon has been identified and arrested.
After a devastating explosion and a near-fatal assault at a diplomatic conference aboard the USS Gorkon, investigations continued aboard the flagship of the Tyrellian Exploration and Defence Taskforce. The perpetrators of the attack against Fleet Captain Reynolds were identified as Chief Petty Officer Alexei Volkov and a Romulan diplomatic attaché whom sources have identified as Væbn. Their motives appear to be personal in nature; Volkov son’s died under Reynolds’ command, and Væbn’s brother died in a conflict against one of Reynolds’ previous commands, the USS Drake. Claiming diplomatic immunity, Væbn returned to Romulan space, while Volkov remains in Starfleet custody, pending a trial.
“It’s not right!” said a Starfleet officer, who wished to remain anonymous, “He committed a crime on Federation soil — he tried to kill someone! He shouldn’t be able to claim diplomatic immunity and scurry back home without a single consequence.”
The explosion itself was also revealed to be their handiwork, intended to form a distraction and an escape route for their crimes. Due to various conventions and treaties, only diplomats would be permitted to leave the ship in the midst of such a crisis. During the investigation, it was also discovered that additional devices had been planted, but not detonated, and they were disarmed thanks to the bravery and ingenuity of the Starfleet crew.
The USS Triumphant, Resolute and Shavar returned from the Suva system after an engagement with the Breen dreadnought. Rumours abound that dreadnought belonged to the Orion Syndicate, and that the Shavar had gathered detailed sensor information on a hidden Syndicate base in the system.
With the Triumphant requiring extensive repairs after the conflict, the Gorkon made a slipstream journey to Starbase 12 with the Defiant-class in tow. With Risa nearby, the crews of both ships were delighted to find themselves granted shore leave aboard the resort planet, and have been taking full advantage of the opportunity.

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