Starbase 118 commandeered by criminals during evacuation

Starbase 118 commandeered by criminals during evacuation

TRINITY SECTOR — Wanted fugitive, Chennel, believed to be in control of the station.
Unconfirmed reports from the Federation Embassy on Raskor I have suggested that the Bolian – considered the most dangerous woman in the galaxy by law enforcement officials – has commandeered the station’s Operations Tower, the nerve centre of the entire facility.
Starbase 118 was recently evacuated due to an unusually powerful neutronic storm and it is believed that Chennel used the opportunity to overpower the skeleton crew left behind on the station. Starfleet press liaison Lieutenant Marla Masters refused to comment on the reports, although many take the sudden disappearance of station commander Captain Sal Taybrim as proof.
Speaking to the Federation News Service, Professor Sizu Zizehk, a leading expert in stellar meteorology could not offer an explanation as to how Chennel could have braved the storm to board the station, “well, you must understand that a Class 11 storm is extremely rare and extremely powerful. A starship would be easily destroyed even with it’s deflectors running at full. I’m baffled how she did it, if she has done- of course.
The storm, which the station is protected against, is expected to pass in the next 24 hours. We will follow this story as it unfolds.

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