Starbase 118 crew investigate illegal racers

Starbase 118 crew investigate illegal racers

GENEVA VI — Following the destruction of a civilian freighter, the crew of Starbase 118 is to investigate an illegal interstellar racing group.

Captain Taybrim,
A month ago, the civilian freighter Houston Five was destroyed in a reactor breach while in orbit of Ambria VII. While most of the vessel’s crew survived it’s cargo was lost entirely. A subsequent investigation revealed the cause of the reactor breach was a cascade failure within the engine systems- the vessel was not attacked nor was it in proximity to a spatial or subspace phenomenon at the time. The investigation has concluded that the Houston Five was destroyed due to faulty components and ineffectual repairs made during the vessel’s recent stop at the independent colony on Geneva VI- repairs which have also led to the loss of five other freighters in recent weeks.
Starfleet Intelligence has investigated further and it appears that the parts used by the Houston Five were sourced from traders with suspected connections to the Jenatris Confederation, which as you will know be aware was a cover identity for the Orion Syndicate. Several of the captains of the destroyed freighters claim that they had to source parts from these traders due to conflicts with the heats for the Tri-Star Jenatris Racing Confederation which is taking place in neutral space between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. It is extremely likely that this race is being funded- in part or in whole- by the Orion Syndicate and it’s allies.
To this end, I am dispatching your crew to infiltrate the race and to find the source of these parts to ensure that no more freighters are lost. Intelligence points to the race being overseen by a Romulan who goes by the name of Relkon. We have little intelligence on him, aside from he has made quite the profit margin in the wake of the Hobus Cataclysm. Find him and it should lead your people to the source.
I have every faith in you and your crew abilities. I know you have all weathered quite the storm this year Captain Taybrim, but you have my complete confidence.
Admiral Amelia Hauke
Raskor I Embassy

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