Orion Syndicate involvement confirmed in interstellar race

Orion Syndicate involvement confirmed in interstellar race

GENEVA VI — An illegal interstellar racing circuit has been linked to the notorious criminal organization of the Orion Syndicate.

CLASSIFIED: Mission Update, Starbase 118 Operations
To: Admiral Hauke, Raskor I Embassy
From: Lieutenant Commander Theo Whittaker, Executive Officer, Starbase 118 Operation
Pursuant to request for update in regard to current mission profile, it is with regret to inform you that the suspected involvement of the Orion Syndicate in the interstellar race taking place within the Geneva system has been confirmed.
Shortly after the away teams—led by Captain Taybrim—left the Columbia for the Geneva system, our communications system intercepted a priority distress call from a Klingon D-7 battlecruiser used by the Klingon Engineering Corps. As per Starfleet regulations, I dispatched Columbia to investigate while taking steps to ensure that we could remain in contact with the away team. Upon arrival in the Cloven system, we detected large amounts of magnetascopic interference which hampered efforts to find the source of the distress call.
We were promptly attacked by three Orion vessels and our warp drive was damaged. At this time, it became apparently a spy was at work on Columbia as there was no Klingon battlecruiser, but a destroyed Klingon freighter. The spy was quickly apprehended and we are now questioning him, a Romulan who has confirmed he was hired by members of the Orion Syndicate to keep Columbia away from the Geneva system.
Reports from Geneva VI suggest that the away teams have not been compromised, but it is likely the Syndicate contacts know that the identities of our away teams. The race has begun and our ‘teams’ are performing well. I will contact you in 48 hours with further updates.
This message has been encrypted with a tricyclic encryption algorithm.

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