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Starbase 118 to be evacuated as dangerous neutronic storm approaches

TRINITY SECTOR — An evacuation of Starbase 118 has been ordered in the wake of unusual weather patterns from within the unpredictable Jenatris Cloud.

A class 11 neutronic storm, the strongest registered in almost seventy years, was ejected from the Cloud early on Thursday morning. Overseeing the evacuation will be the station’s Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Theo Whittaker, who is also currently serving as Acting Commanding Officer while Captain Sal Taybrim is off the base testifying against elements connected to the Orion Syndicate.

In a press briefing, the station’s media liaison officer Lieutenant Keevan Anoora stressed that despite the unusual nature of the storm and the large population of Starbase 118, everything would proceed according to plan.

“There have been evacuation contingencies for this eventuality in plan ever since the base was constructed,” said Anoora. “Starbase 118 has some of the best officers in Starfleet. I would appeal for everyone to keep calm and follow any instructions given.”

That plea for calm has gone unheeded by some, however. Reports from the station’s Commercial Sector suggest that a Ferengi merchant panicked and was screaming “We’re doomed!” in the station’s trade hub, the San Francisco District. When asked by this report, a security division representative, Lieutenant Sanara Pran, was dismissive.

“Don’t you people have anything better to do with your lives?” said Pran. “Buzz off!”

More on this story as it unfolds.

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