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Explosion threatens diplomatic conference aboard USS Gorkon

TYRELLIAN SYSTEM — A possible terrorist attack has halted a diplomatic conference aboard the USS Gorkon.

The USS Gorkon was to play host to talks between the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Republic, the Romulan Star Empire, and the Tyrellian people when an explosion on board the vessel stalled the talks. At the same time as the attack, Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds, the Gorkon’s commanding officer and head of the Tyrellian Defense and Exploration Taskforce (TDET), was attacked by an unknown assailant, left critically wounded with several stab wounds.

While Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, the Gorkon’s Chief Medical Officer, fought to save the Fleet Captain’s life, the ranking officer left on board, Commander Walter Brunsig, began an investigation into both attacks. He assigned Commander Alexander Blair, Mission Specialist, to investigate the explosion. While Lieutenant Commander Alerta Millis and Ensign Tasha MacFarlane began processing the scene, Commander Blair and Lieutenant Junior Grade Jansen Orrey began interviewing witnesses amongst the diplomatic staffs of the groups involved in the conference.

Meanwhile, Commander Brunsig headed up the investigation into Reynolds’ attack. This began at the 413 Memorial, a memorial to those who fell during the ship’s trip to an alternate reality last year and where Reynolds was attacked. While a holographic recreation of the crime was conducted by Brunsig, Lieutenant Cory Stoyer, Lieutenant Junior Grade Frank O’Malley, and Ensign Shrega sh’Idrani, physical evidence was turned over to Lieutenant Junior Grade Dassa Alexander and Ensign Valesha Sienelis, who were able to make a positive identification of the attacker.

“We cannot comment on the identity of the attacker as it is still an open investigation,” commented Commander Walter Brunsig, “however, we are moving in on an arrest.”

In the meantime, a mock combat exercise between the USS Triumphant and the USS Resolute was called to a hasty end upon the receipt of a distress call from the USS Shavar. The Shavar had been investigating rumors of a Breen dreadnought in the region of the Suva System and discovered those rumors to be true.

The two Defiant class ships dropped everything and raced to lend aid to the larger ship which found itself on the wrong end of Breen weapons. The Triumphant crew, under the command of Commander Alucard Vess and first officer Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo, found the dreadnought’s weapons turned squarely upon them upon entering the fray. Thanks to some skilled piloting and tactical genius from Ensign Connan MacMorna and Lieutenant Junior Grade Hallbjorn Baldursson, as well as some engineering wizardry from Lieutenant Junior Grade Jocelyn Marshall that polarized the ship’s hull in the nick of time, the stout little ship was saved from destruction, although unfortunately their quarry escaped.

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