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Tale of Three Shore Leaves

LUXIS SYSTEM — The crew of the Federation embassy on Duronis II enjoyed a long overdue shore leave.

Enjoying The Comforts of Duronis II

Much of the Embassy crew decided to enjoy the tropical beaches of Til’ahn on their shore leave. It began with a lovely beachside picnic hosted by the Embassy’s new image of matrimony: Rear Admiral Turner. The picnic was followed by a crew-bonding game of beach volleyball. It was an epic battle of men versus women. That match ended in an unqualified victory for the women and a few casualties among the men including a sprained ankle.

“Arrrgh!” Paul Sharpe cried out at the time. “Of all the dumb things to do, I have to go and fall over and twist my ankle.”

All was healed, however, as the crew took a swim in the refreshing ocean to cool down after a hard fought battle on the court.

A Trip to Visit Family on Vulcan

Lt. Commanders T’Mihn and Savan took a trip to Vulcan on the long-range vessel KiVahl. While passing through the Sandbar, the KiVahl was tracked by multiple vessels of unknown origin. The Vulcan Captain, Tanok, requested T’Mihn’s assistance in navigating out of the sandbar, while Savan worked with the first officer to blind the unknown ships’ sensors. After evading the vessels, the KiVahl engaged the slipstream for Vulcan. T’Mihn met with a Starfleet Observer while Savan underwent medical evaluations and informed that the brain damage caused by Trellium D exposure from his youth could be reversed. T’Mihn counseled him as he contemplated the possibility that he may be able to become like a “normal” Vulcan, after having been shunned by polite Vulcan society after his childhood accident.

“I am not sure how I feel about this,” said Lt. Commander Savan. “I was told when I was a teenager that the damage was permanent and could even get worse as I get older.”

A Working Vacation

Lt. Commander Brayden Jorey was given the command of a Danube class runabout, the USS Magnus Hirschfield. It was equipped with a new device developed in collaboration between the Laudean Fielding and Science Academy and Starfleet. The device provides a means for ships to shield themselves from the dangerous spatial anomalies of the Typhon Expanse.

“We are about to test a new piece of technology that would drastically change the nature of this part of the quadrant,” said Jorey. “I know I have a tendency to lean toward the dramatic, but in this instance, I’m not exaggerating.”

Jorey took a small team of the Embassy’s senior staff on the small ship and into the expanse to test the new Typhonic Shield Device.

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