USS Constitution to relocate to Starbase 104 in the Marchlands

USS Constitution to relocate to Starbase 104 in the Marchlands

STARBASE 11 — Family reunion celebrations were cut short for the crew of the USS Constitution by a new mission assignment.

The USS Constitution NCC-9012-B crew has been enjoying shore leave on Starbase 11, while the ship undergoes routine maintenance. During this time, Starfleet Personnel arranged for a makeshift family reunion as the crew’s families arrived for a party on Starbase 11.
But all was not simple for the Constitution crew. Confirmation has been received that three crew members have not reported back to the Constitution and are suspected of going AWOL. Reasons for their leaving have not been discovered yet, but an investigation by reporters is underway.
It has also been confirmed that a new First Officer has been assigned to the Constitution. Sources verified that Commander Sarah Mason has accepted the assignment after Commander T’Mar stepped down from the role. Readers may recognize Mason from her involvement in the USS Spartan scandal. She, of course, was cleared of any charges and was recently assigned to the Constitution.
Among the many changes aboard the Constitution, the most recent is the new mission area assignment.
“We are all excited to see what Starbase 104 and the Marchlands will bring for us,” a senior officer revealed.
The crew has not received their mission briefing yet, however they are cutting the family reunion short to head out to Starbase 104. Despite receiving their orders and having all maintenance completed, Captain Jalana Rajel has not taken the ship out of orbit. One must wonder if she is waiting for the return of the three missing officers. The ship only has so much time to linger, however, so time will tell their fate.

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