Mysterious sickness puts a halt to peace talks

Mysterious sickness puts a halt to peace talks

STARBASE 104 — The crew of the USS Constitution is working overtime to compensate for attacks from the inside.

The USS Constitution had arrived at Starbase 104 in the Marchlands to host peace talks between two species sharing the Leron System: the Hinji and the Linara. Linarans, who live in complete darkness, and the Hinji, who are able to shift into animal form, both desire to expand their area of living to the last habitable planet in the system. Much to the distress of the delegates, both species are split when it comes to this topic. While there are groups that would have no problem to share the planet, a high amount of people from both species do not wish to be in the same place as the other. A long history of distrust and tension led to the brink of war, which they now attempt to avoid through the talks.
President Sotesa Vehau of the Linaran people and Luko Silvertip, Ambassador of the Hinji people, came together with Captain Jalana Rajel, Commander Sarah Mason, and Counselor Taurek of the Constitution to negotiate. But things took a turn for the worse. Under mysterious circumstances, members of the delegation and inhabitants of the station have begun to fall ill. The station’s personnel have their hands full to deal with the situation and has called the docked ship for their help as the situation escalates by the minute.
Furthermore, the Linaran district that lies in complete darkness to accommodate their needs has suddenly been flooded with light, hurting countless Linarans and their visitors.
“Apparently the emergency light system throughout the entire level has been turned on to full brightness, and it can’t be disabled,” said Ensign Lior Klein from the station’s Security Department.
As of right now, it is not clear who is behind either of these events, but the Constitution crew is working together with the crew of Starbase 104 to find the culprits and bring normal life back to the station.

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