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Orion Syndicate kidnap members of Starbase 118 Operations staff

STARBASE 118 — Three members of the Starbase 118 Operations staff have been confirmed kidnapped by members of the Orion Syndicate.

LtCmdr. Antero Flynn, Lt. JG Arturo Maxwell and Ens. Zel Rohanwere all taken and are believed to be aboard a recently hijacked battleship. It is believed that the dreadnought – captured during the recent attack on the station by the now deceased criminal, Chennel – has travelled to a civilian dilithium mine believed to be under Syndicate control in the Dominicus system.

Speaking exclusively to FNS, retired Starfleet security officer Commander Ashelia B’Nargon revealed that the mine has been of interest to Starfleet for several years, “Even when the Syndicate was masquerading as the Jenatris Confederation we were watching its owners, although we were never able to prove criminal connections.”

Station staff has so far not released details of how the Starfleet officers were kidnapped.

The starbase was recently reassigned a new commanding officer, Capt. Storm Bomba, after Sal Taybrim was removed from command by Starfleet. Bomba launched a tactical operation to retrieve the kidnapped officers, launching the USS Columbia for the mission.

Tensions appear to be running high among starbase staff, who uncharacteristically gave anonymous interviews to FNS sniping at their new commanding officer, with one claiming the rescue mission was hampered by Bomba who is “difficult to work with and in over his head. He tried to destroy the dreadnought and ended up damaging the station.” FNS has confirmed that weapons were fired at the escaping vessel and that the station suffered light damage as a result.

Written by Theo Whittaker of SB118 Ops

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