StarBase 118 crew liberates 750 from Orion mining operation

StarBase 118 crew liberates 750 from Orion mining operation

DOMINICUS IV — While searching for kidnapped Starfleet officers, the Starbase 118 crew uncovered an Orion Syndicate mining operation and liberated 750 being held against their will.
The crew of StarBase 118 were investigating the disappearance of a Starfleet away team when they uncovered a mining operation on Dominicus IV where forced labor was being employed by the Orion Syndicate to mine dilithium. In response, Starbase 118 launched the USS Columbia to retrieve the missing officers and liberate those being held captive.
Commander Theo Whittaker led a covert away team into the mines to locate the missing Starfleet officers. The away team was quickly able to ascertain the strength of the Syndicate guard force and the number of people being held against their will in the compound. Unfortunately, a short firefight between the away team and the guards alerted mine owner Omari Damarkus of a Starfleet presence. Damarkus retaliated by holding a number of people hostage and threatening to kill them if Starfleet did not immediately leave. After some quick thinking by the away team, and a bit of improvisation, Whittaker and his officers were able to lower the mine’s defensive shields to allow full contact with the Columbia.
Meanwhile in the Dominicus system, the Columbia engaged in a vicious firefight with the Syndicate dreadnought Skullmasher. Following a grave tactical error by Captain Storm Bomba, the Skullmasher targeted the Columbia’s warp drive, nearly causing a core breach. Bomba was forcibly relieved of duty on the bridge after a mental breakdown, and Captain Sal Taybrim assumed command. Using a clever tactic proposed by Major Tyler Kelly, the Columbia flew straight towards the Skullmasher using their deflector array to make the Syndicate ship flinch before firing into the Dominicus brown dwarf star. The resulting solar flare struck the Skullmasher, dropping its shields while the Columbia flew to safety.
In the mines, Lieutenant JG Arturo Maxwell and Ensign Zel Rohan narrowly escaped a deadly encounter with a native cave grub by activating the mine’s cart system and immediately saw the potential in this form of transportation. They were able to ride the mine cart and convene with the away team before working with Lieutenant JG Ishani Kasun and Lt. Commander Mirra Ezo to disable the mine carts and open up a path to the shield generators. Shortly afterward, Ezo made contact with Whittaker and Columbia, coordinating the rescue of over 700 people.
“I never thought I would see the day we would get off Dominicus!” Kola Kell, one of the liberated individuals commented. “Ever since my ship was hijacked I have been praying for this day. I can’t thank Starfleet enough!”
In the aftermath, there will be a full inquiry on Captain Bomba’s behavior while in command of StarBase 118. Command of the Starbase has been restored to Captain Taybrim.

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