Notorious criminal dead after attempted takeover of Starbase 118

Notorious criminal dead after attempted takeover of Starbase 118

STARBASE 118 — Starfleet Command confirms that Chennel, a wanted fugitive, was killed during an unsuccessful attempt to commandeer the Trojan-II class space station.
Chennel, who had outstanding arrest warrants in over a dozen star systems across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, is believed to have boarded the station during a recent preventative evacuation as the station came into contact with a powerful neutronic storm. A spokesbeing for Starfleet Command refused to be drawn on the details of how the criminal managed to survive the storm, but sources speaking to the FNS on condition of anonymity claimed that salvaged advanced technology was responsible.
Speaking at a press conference at Starfleet Headquarters, spokesbeing Lieutenant 158th Distillation of Red confirmed that Chennel had been killed during the attempted takeover.
“Though we are not confirming the exact details, Starfleet Command is prepared to state that the fugitive known as Chennel was killed during her attempt at commandeering Starbase 118,” said 158th Distillation of Red. “Additionally, her forces–hired mercenaries from the Orion Syndicate–have been arrested and are awaiting prosecution at the Trinity Sector command post on Raskor I.”
When pressed to confirm rumours coming from the base that the 292nd Iron Jaegers marine detachment were responsible for the death of Chennel, the lieutenant was typically curt.
“When I said that Starfleet was not prepared to release details, I meant that Starfleet was not prepared to release details,” said the lieutenant. “What part of that do you not understand?”
Similar responses were received aboard Starbase 118, where life is seemingly getting back to normal. Doctor Mirra Ezo, the station’s Chief Medical Officer, who was present during recent events was just as unforthcoming.
“Take a hike. I’ve got better things to do with than to indulge in rumours,” said Dr. Ezo. “Seriously, why are you still here?”
When asked for a statement from the office of Starbase 118’s commanding officer Captain Sal Taybrim, Angosian watch officer Lieutenant Rolla Haneer replied, “You’ve got more chance of the Klingons declaring peace on the Kinshaya tomorrow.”
Starfleet Command also confirmed the arrest of Professor Bartholomew P. Martantathru, who aided Chennel. Martantathru was a minor astrophysicist attached to the Federation Embassy on Raskor I who studied stellar meteorology. At this time, it is unknown as to why a Federation citizen would assist such a notorious criminal, although it is believed that monetary gain was involved. Several people who know the professor reported that he was extremely difficult to get along with, one acquaintance describing him as “the most delusional, arrogant and downright obstinate fool I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.”

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