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USS Gorkon Stranded in Deadly Nebula

ROMAN EXPANSE, NEAR ROMULAN SPACE – After a catastrophic slipstream drive failure, the USS Gorkon has been stranded inside a deadly, unmappable nebula.

The quantum slipstream drive aboard the USS Gorkon, NCC-82293, suffered catastrophic failure on return toward the Tyrellian Sector. After a short, rough ride the ship was light years off course in an area known as the Roman Expanse, a notoriously dangerous nebula known to be nearly impossible to map, difficult to navigate, filled with plasma and electrokinetic storms, and electrodynamic turbulence.

Shortly after arrival, the Gorkon discovered a small graveyard of derelict, mostly Romulan, ships. Propulsion specialist Petty Officer Grixx Marcix said, “Those things are old. Some have been here for more than 200 years.”
The Gorkon has also been infiltrated by at least three intruders who apparently have the ability to shapeshift and do not appear on sensors, all of whom have set about sabotaging ship’s systems.

Though the Gorkon was relatively unscathed during the failure both warp and quantum slipstream drives were down, making escape impossible in the current state. A team in engineering, consisting of Lt Commander Ayianna Sevo, Lieutenant Cory Stoyer, and Lieutenant JGs Sera zh’Aella and Jocelyn Marshall, was attempting to fix the cores by manually transferring plasma to the nacelles.

Trying to corral the intruders was a team led by Protective Operations Officer Commander Alucard Vess, Ensigns Tasha MacFarlane, Yiggtissi and Emelia Krugol, as well as a small group of the newly reassigned Rangers. They discovered that the creatures emit trace amounts of Beta Radiation and so began tracking them. They encountered the faceless intruders but were unable to stop them from ingesting Ensign MacFarlane. Her status remains unknown.

In an attempt to learn more about the Expanse and how to possibly escape, newly promoted Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds sent an away team to one of the derelicts, an old Federation Excelsior-class ship, the USS Phoenix. Captain Ner’Ayez and crew were declared lost more than seventy five years ago. The team, consisting of First Officer Lt Commander Trellis Vondaryan, Lieutenant Caedan Nkai, Lieutenant JGs Colleen Bancroft and Frank O’Malley and Ensign Sophie Wakefield, have docked and are exploring. Though wary and on the lookout for the unexpected, their nerves have perhaps gotten the better of them, as they believed they were hearing and seeing things, possibly including a walking stone man. Interference from the storms has made contact between the away team and the Gorkon difficult so details are spotty.

Written by Trellis Vondaryan

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