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Gorkon celebrates 2-year anniversary back home

SAN FRANCISCO FLEET YARDS – The USS Gorkon returned to its launching point, Earth, to celebrate its second anniversary.

After a mission to Leutra IV, a class M world “that should not exist” orbiting a magnetar star which saw the crew stranded and the ship severely damaged after a cold restart, the Gorkon has returned home for much-needed shore leave and repairs.

On the way back to Earth Fleet Captain Reynolds headed a hearing involving an incident involving Chief Science Officer and Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo and a Ranger, Ensign Grace Freeman. Though the hearing, its testimony, and outcome were classified sources say it involved a fight between Sevo and Freeman. Sources further detail that Sevo was stripped of her second officer duties and she and the ranger will be sharing quarters and assist Chief Engineer Cory Stoyer in engineering duties for an unspecified amount of time. Furthermore, Fleet Captain Reynolds has ordered the 451st Ranger to be permanently transferred aboard the Gorkon, under her direct command.

Upon return to Earth the unit has already seen an influx of transfers and new assignments from around the fleet. Lieutenant Jandara Tem, a former marine pilot now on secondment to the Rangers, said she is “looking forward to working with a newly re-established unit.” She continued, saying, “being assigned directly to a ship will be an exciting new experience.”

The senior staff on the Gorkon has had its own roster shake up, with Commander Alucard Vess stepping down from the role of First Officer for an as-yet unidentified position. The new First Officer will be Lieutenant Commander Trellis Vondaryan, former XO of the USS Za. Filling the Chief of Ops role will be Lieutenant Frank Hawkins, formerly of the Athena. The Gorkon also received a newly-minted Academy graduate in the form of Ensign Sophie Wakefield, who will serve as a Medical Officer.

To celebrate both shore leave and the ship’s anniversary, much of the crew and their civilian families have met at the Foo Bar in San Francisco for drinks and relaxation. An unexpected visitor to the bar was Commander Vess, who “literally fell through the ceiling,” according to Petty Officer Third Class Grissom Haynes, at the bar to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Haynes said the Commander “looked like he was skydiving and came crashing through the roof. But none of us minded, as it looked like a lot of fun. And he really wanted a pint.”

Once engineering crews finish repairs the crew will enjoy a formal dinner and ceremony.

Written by Trellis Vondaryan

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