Andaris Task Force to Provide Disaster Relief and Medical Aid to Kiros III

Andaris Task Force to Provide Disaster Relief and Medical Aid to Kiros III

PAR’THA EXPANSE — The USS Blackwell and USS Atlantis were sent to Kiros III to provide relief to its inhabitants, the A’Kir and Kirosians, who are politically opposed to each other.

With the newly promoted Rear Admiral Renos comfortably ensconced on Deep Space 26 to oversee all Starfleet activity in the Par’tha Expanse, and the Andaris Task Force in particular, crew were shuffled and reassigned to fill the vessels of the ATF. Captain Akinor Zaekia was announced as the commanding officer of the new USS Blackwell, with Lieutenant Commander Rendel Rennyn as his XO. Commander Emery Rhyn was given command of the USS Atlantis, with Commander Brell as her XO. Both vessels were almost immediately assigned a joint mission once the crewmembers stowed their gear.
Kiros III, a class M planet in the Freeworlds Region of the Expanse, and home to two sentient species, had requested aid from the Freeworlds Council. The Council asked if the ATF would be willing to investigate and render aid. The Blackwell and Atlantis were dispatched immediately. En route, information on the situation was relayed to the ships and disseminated to the crew. The bovine-humanoid A’Kir and the ovine-humanoid Kirosians were on unfriendly terms, and the Kirosians were blaming the A’Kir for a series of earthquakes that ravaged their continent and was decimating their population.
In a combination humanitarian-political move, Brell lead Lieutenant Isabel Pond and Ensign Kurt Logan on an away mission to track down the missing wife of the Kirosian prime minister, not only hoping to help her, but foster good relations with the suspicious and obstinate Kirosians who were reluctant to accept Federation help. Finding her abandoned vehicle, the away team has tracked her over land, helping an injured farmer along the way. Rhyn and Lieutenant Randal Shayne borrowed Ensign Sorel Kaidun from the Blackwell’s science department on a shuttle mission into the subterranean regions of Kiros III in order to ascertain and hopefully stop the origin of the quakes.
Meanwhile, general rescue aid was being given to the survivors. Lieutenant Commander R’Ven was leading his own shuttle mission with Commander Kael Thomas, Lieutenants Graeme Cook and E’riQ, and were attempting to land their shuttle to set up an on-scene emergency triage. On the Blackwell, Doctors Ensigns Jora Kalis and Anath G’Renn were performing surgery on wounded Kirosians, and Zaekia and counselor Ensign Laehlani Antorii were attempting diplomatic relations with the Kirosian prime minister.
Back on Deep Space 26, Rear Admiral Renos was welcoming both nir newborn child, named Asana, and the ATF’s own personal FNS reporter Kendra Eberhart to the region. “I hope to remind people of the simpler things, I guess, like Starfleet for instance. It’s easy to look at it as a galaxy-sized entity that has overcome so much, but really it is made up of ordinary people doing pretty ordinary things for the good of all,” said Eberhart.

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