Adrift prospector vessel discovered in the Shoals

Adrift prospector vessel discovered in the Shoals

THE SHOALS – The crew of the Federation starship Veritas has discovered an old prospector vessel adrift.
Reza Kardgar, our reporter embedded with the crew of the USS Veritas, NCC-95035, comes to us with a special report, of interest to both historians and scientists. The derelict of an ancient Claim Jumper class prospector vessel, the S.S. Rockhound, has been discovered in a region of the Shoals near the Mother Road.
While conducting space worthiness trials in a shuttle modification project, the crew of the Veritas happened upon the wreck amidst a field of strong electrostatic radiation. While the Veritas’ crew continues to investigate how much the radiation field had to do with the Rockhound’s loss, they were able to confirm that, sadly, there appear to be no survivors among the prospector’s crew.
“Electrostatic radiation isn’t usually harmful to life forms,” remarked Crewman Koa Iolani, one of the Veritas’ Stellar Cartography Technicians. “So we’re looking into other causes for the crew’s death.”
Mister Kardgar reports that an anonymous source on the Veritas has said that the Orion syndicate may be involved.
Written by LtCmdr. Mei’konda

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