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Street drugs and corruption complicate murder investigation on neutral world

TILANNA V — The officers of Starbase 118 Operations have uncovered a web of corruption on Tilanna V during a joint investigation with local authorities.

Several weeks ago, the body of wanted tribble breeder Boris Malinov was found in an impoverished ward of the Tilanni capital, Anjunaar City. Local investigators found an unused hypospray on his person, containing a dangerous street drug known as All Time High (ATH). The high profile nature of the case prompted the planet’s governor, Al’Akir, to invite Starfleet in to help conduct an investigation.

Arriving on the planet aboard the USS Ægis, the officers of Starbase 118 Ops were called into action almost immediately, when a mob attempted to storm the governmental offices. Under the command of Major Tatash, the 292nd Iron Jægers dispersed the riot, but not before several Tilanni police skimmers were destroyed.

After the riot, a medical team beamed to the planet and set up a modular sickbay unit in order to treat those addicted ATH, while an investigative team met with Governor Al’Akir and newly promoted police commissioner Gilora Jemet. A third, smaller team entered Tilanna’s seedy underbelly incognito, looking for clues to Malinov’s brutal murder.

In a statement, Rear Admiral Connor Schlosser of Starfleet Cultural Affairs said, “Althought Tilanna may be neutral, stemming the flow of All Time High is crucial to Federation interests, lest it spreads to other worlds in local space. Such an event would be disastrous.”

Aboard the Ægis, efforts to find a treatment or cure for ATH addition began, as did efforts to delve into the level of corruption facing the planet by researching governmental records.

At present, the investigative team are drawing ever closer to solving Malinov’s murder, and at last report, are investigating a club where the victim was seen hours before his death. There are unconfirmed reports that the Jentaris Confederation may be involved, and that a standoff between the Starfleet away team and the criminal cartel has begun.

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