Starfleet officers captured by pirates alongside popular singer, Lady Shadonna

Starfleet officers captured by pirates alongside popular singer, Lady Shadonna

TRINITY SECTOR — An away team from Starbase 118 Operations were captured and interrogated by known Orion pirates led by the relative of a criminal apprehended recently by the station’s crew.
The Starbase 118 Press Liaison, Lieutenant AJ Craig, has today confirmed that members of the station’s command staff – led by First Officer LtCmdr. Theo Whittaker – were briefly captured by Orion criminals, led the brother of the recently arrested Oma-Saan. It is believed that the kidnapping was motivated by the fact that the away team were transporting the notorious, self-styled ‘diva’ Lady Shadonna to a concert aboard the station, as well as retribution against the station for the arrest of Oma-Saan and the station’s continued efforts to clamp down on the Jenatris Confederation criminal syndicate.
Unconfirmed reports claim that the Starfleet officers staged a breakout aboard the Orion’s vessel after learning that they were to be sold as slaves on the black market along with Lady Shadonna and her manager, Basil Hobbs. Furthermore, it is believed that LtCmdr. Whittaker was tortured by the Orion’s chief of security. Details of the crew’s escape have been classified by the station’s Intelligence department and Starfleet was not prepared to release a statement.
Also unconfirmed are reports that suggest the USS Albion, an auxiliary vessel of Starbase 118, was engaged in a tactical mission against the Orion vessel and two escort ships, despite sensor stations in the nearby New Scotland picking up weapons fire. A Romulan shuttle – believed to be privately owned by civilian consultant Arden Cain – has also been implicated in the rescue efforts. Starfleet Security and Intelligence have refused to comment at time of publication.
FNS reached out to Lady Shadonna for comment and received this statement: “I am blown-away by the bravery of the stellar officers and their treatment of me and my management in the most dire of situations. I plan to thank them all personally once they’ve all healed and returned to duty.”
The USS Albion has now returned to Starbase 118 and the press secretary has confirmed that the affected crew are on the mend physically.

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