No sign of missing Starfleet vessel

No sign of missing Starfleet vessel

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — The fate of the USS Gorkon remains a mystery with no clues found by search parties.

After the USS Gorkon’s abrupt disappearance last month, there has been no further news on fate of the Sovereign-class vessel. No wreckage or beacons have been discovered, and there is currently no evidence as to the ship’s current location or fate. The search is ongoing.
“Just look at the crazy that happens out in the Corridor: time travel, alternate universes, Q… If it’s something as simple as the ship being destroyed, I’ll eat my very fine hat,” said Nathan Malcolm, author of The Menthar Corridor.

Captain’s personal log, stardate 239302.29
The ship suffered moderate damage after being snared by the quantum fissure, unfortunately including the warp drive. To make matters worse, our passage destabilised the fissure, preventing us from even considering an immediate return to our home universe.
Almost immediately after our arrival, we encountered a vessel from this reality — the Defiant-class USS Triumphant. Captained by an alternate version of Walter Brunsig, and crewed by some very familiar faces, it was a peculiar experience, to say the least. Their ship and crew have obviously seen better days, and we decided to offer them assistance while we figure out how to stabilise the fissure for our return home.
While I and a small away team paid the captain of the Triumphant a visit, Lieutenant Sevo took the bridge and continued to investigate the fissure for a possible route home. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Stoyer and his team put together what supplies we could spare for the Triumphant.
Commander Vess arranged the transfer of their most critical patients to our sickbay, in order provide surgery and care that the Triumphant currently cannot. I’ve been informed that all the patients are recovering well and will be able to return to their own ship relatively soon.
It was all remarkably orderly and peaceful, but given the history of the universe we now find ourselves in, it was perhaps inevitable that it wouldn’t last. Sensors detected a Jem’Hadar patrol ship at the extremities of our sensor range, and it wasn’t long before a fleet of Dominion and Cardassian ships began to converge on us.
We have the Triumphant to assist us, but quite frankly, I have no idea how we’re going to pull this off. One of their battleships would be the equal of the Gorkon, and the fleet consists of a battleship, three Jem’Hadar cruisers, two Cardassian cruisers and a handful of fighter craft. It’s going to be our wits that get us through this, not our firepower.

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