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Maquis Reborn terrorists evade capture

ASTROFORI ONE — Maquis Reborn terrorists escaped Astrofori One after attacking a Starfleet awards ceremony and the Cardassian embassy.

“Astrofori One is a beacon for interspecies cooperation and friendship, and the Cardassian Union, nor our Federation allies, will allow a violent rogue element to destroy what we have worked so hard to build together,” said Nirat Kalett, Detapa Council Press Secretary.

After escaping a sabotaged holodeck aboard Astrofori One, Lt. Commander Chythar Skyfire, accompanied by a team consisting of Ensign Mitchell Shapiro, Lieutenant Commander Eerie, Ensign Lang, and Lieutenant Paul Sharpe set out to capture the elusive Maquis Reborn saboteurs. The saboteurs skilfully led them into a trap: an abandoned cargo bay with phaser turrets set up on motion detectors. Lieutenant Sharpe and Ensign Shapiro managed to deactivate the turrets, but not before they received injuries. Ensign Lang was reported to have sustained a broken arm, Commander Eerie’s weapon exploded in his hands, and Ensign Shapiro was grazed by phaser fire. The terrorists contacted Skyfire’s team, and made a proposition: their freedom in exchange for the forty nine lost souls from Ensign Lang’s transport.

Meanwhile, Captain Quinn Reynolds and her team, which consisted of Lieutenants Ayiana Sevo, Dar Elandra, Cory Stoyer, Lieutenant JG Toni Lupo, Diplomatic Attaché Montague Eickleberger, and Acting Cardassian Envoy Tiguhn Datal headed over to the Cardassian Embassy to see if they could stop a biological attack that was based on the same virus used a year previously on Deep Space 10: a modified variant of the Skyfire Virus that was targeting Cardassians as opposed to Romulans. The team used novel technology to infiltrate the embassy through maintenance access, tagging the victims for transport.

At the same time, the Starfleet officers wounded in the holodeck sabotage—namely Commanders Walter Brunsig and Alucard Vess—had been transported to the USS Gorkon’s sickbay and were undergoing emergency medical treatment. Ensign Jansen Orrey, Lieutenant Commander Kael Tam participated in life-saving surgery on Brunsig, while Petty Officer Greg Kelly received aftercare for the field blood transfusion he had participated in.

With Vess able to resume limited duties, the commander was sent to the bridge to assume command, accompanied by Orrey as both as medical chaperone and a senior bridge officer. Alerted to the situation at the Cardassian embassy, they commenced immediate preparations for the quarantine and treatment of infected patients.

After following the instructions of the Maquis Reborn, Commander Skyfire’s team returned with the forty-nine souls that had been held hostage to secure their escape—all of whom were surprisingly unharmed. Sadly, the same could not be said of the occupants of the Cardassian embassy, who required medical evacuation to the Union in order to receive specialist treatment, after being stablised aboard the Gorkon.

A hellish shoreleave concluded, the Gorkon departed on a routine survey mission to the Alpha Chionus system. The crew took advantage of the fourth planet’s wintry environment to host an outdoor party—complete with festive lights and decorations, a holiday tree, and an ice rink.

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