Stolen starship continues to evade capture

Stolen starship continues to evade capture

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — A renegade crew aboard the USS Yarahla is still eluding efforts to recover the stolen starship.

In continuing news, the stolen starship USS Yarahla is still at large. Starfleet now lists those who stole the state of the art craft as renegades and requests the citizenry at large to contact the command staff of Astrofori One with any information as to the ships whereabouts.
Meanwhile, on Astrofori One and worlds Federation-wide peaceful protests against Starfleets decision to abandon the search for the missing USS Gorkon have begun to crop up. Despite the growing popularity of the protests, Starfleet remains firm behind its decision. Says Vice Admiral Loiuse Franko of Starfleet Public Affairs: “We are saddened by our decision, but there is simply nothing left that we can do.”

Chief Science Officer’s Personal Log. 239307.30
I have no idea what the true stardate is. Shipboard clocks show we’ve been trapped in this universe for about nine months, but without access to Federation timebase beacons, there’s no way to know for sure.
I’d say our trouble really started to ramp up after our visit to that ship graveyard. We thought it would be a good place to scavenge; our supplies were dwindling shorter each day. Most of it had been picked clean from other scavenging parties, but we found a few useful things. My own team was able to recover a number of supplies from the U.S.S. Galaxy, though not without some trouble. After finding what we could, we had returned to our shuttle to find it drifting away from the ship but managed to recover it.
Commander Blair’s team was less successful in scavenging. Apparently, a lone changeling had been stowing aboard the U.S.S. Okinawa they were searching. It attacked Blair and his team, but they managed to fight it off and escape.
The Captain didn’t even fare as well as that. As she took a team on the Captain’s yacht to search for a cloaking device within the debris, they were hit by something unseen and had to return.
Since that time nearly…five months ago, I think…we’ve been attacked by pirates, Dominion fleets, and perils of every other kind. At one point, we got lucky and managed to find a relatively pristine Starfleet research base. Commander Blair returned with a huge haul, not to mention star charts for the area. All the while, the Gorkon has been slowly dying. System after system started to malfunction and shut down. Replicators are all but gone; we’ve been surviving on emergency rations and a makeshift hydroponics garden. We now get around by crawling through the Jefferies tubes. Most of the senior staff have taken to bunking in the conference room, as it was easier than crawling through the ship.
We might have finally caught a break, however. A Romulan commander contacted us with a dangerous deal. Our need for a cloaking device, among other things, is apparently well-known in these parts. The commander has offered us a cloak in exchange for a “favor.” We need to rescue his son and his ship from a Dominion starbase. Commander Vess is preparing to lead a team to the station. He is posing as his counterpart here, the notorious Erik Jansen who has been hounding us from day one. Similarly, Captain Reynolds will be pretending to be her alternate self, captured by Jansen. They will dock with the station under the guise of delivering the prisoners, while my team boards the station to capture the Romulan ship. Meanwhile, Commander Blair will use what’s left of the Gorkon to fight the station as a cover.
If there are any gods out there, I hope they’re watching over us.

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