Wanted criminals sought in asteroid field

Wanted criminals sought in asteroid field

THE ZONE — The USS Thunder-A and her escorts continued to chase down wanted criminals in an asteroid field.
After the party that the Embassy staff and crew had thrown for Rear Admiral Toni Turner had finished, the crews from the USS Darwin-A, the USS Doyle, and the USS Invicta returned to their ships. Turner gave the crew of the Embassy a few more days R&R before they got back to business. She ordered Major Ben Edwards to prep the USS Thunder-A for departure, Captain Samuel Frazier and Major Irina Pavlova to prep the USS Bronwyn, and Major Hannibal Parker to ready the USS Shadow. After the ships where ready, each ship’s command teams started to recall their crews.
As the crews prepared for departure, new equipment was sent up to the ships. Admiral Toni then gave the order to head out to the USS Shadow, while the other two ships hung back. After an hour head start, Admiral Toni moved the USS Thunder out, followed by the USS Bronwyn. After they’d cleared the system, Doctor Boris Hendon transferred to the USS Bronwyn.
Once the USS Shadow arrived at the location, they started their way into the asteroid field to infiltrate the facility that held the wanted fugitives. As the crew of the USS Shadow made their way into the facility, they sent a coded transmission out to the other teams. It was received by the USS Thunder and USS Bronwyn and informed them that the team from the USS Shadow had made their way inside. The thunder then launched its fighters to clear out the smaller targets while the bigger ships took on the heavy cruisers.
After a few moments of entering the field, all the fighters and ships came under fire. The USS Thunder and Bronwyn took care of the bigger ships while the new Valkyrie Mark II fighters went to work on the smaller craft. The new fighters’ speed and maneuverability gave them a good advantage in the field.

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