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May post counts

Our fleet has taken what were our weaker months of the year last year and turned them into some of the strongest months this year. Every month we have gained more strength! May is no exception to this rule. While traditionally if the fleet is gaining momentum in April, we see a drop in May. However, this year we’ve proved that wrong as we continue to climb! This year we have had the strongest May since we started keeping record in 2009.


In May, the overall fleet average climbed by 9 points, however our individual ships varied in their ups and downs. We saw a 51 sim drop from April to May with the Doyle, while Ops climbed 63 sims. And the Constitution retained its steady climb from 188 in March and 212 in April, to 260 in May! Other ships maintained steadier numbers from month to month, like the Darwin, which has been solid in the low to mid 200 range for the past seven months!


June historically holds even more activity, and I can see our numbers continuing to climb as we go into summer!