June post counts

June post counts

June, the start of summer break for those who are students, or are related to students. This break frequently causes a shift in our sim counts from the school year to the summer. Many times we see an increase in simming activity, as people are no longer busy with school related activities. However, occasionally, as happened this year, we see a drop probably caused by the beginning of summer vacations, and shifting personnel from those who needed to take school related LOA and those taking a summer related one. This year, we went from the average per ship of 220 sims in May, to a 208 average for June. (In the chart below, red represents 2016 while blue represents 2015.)
While the overall fleet average dropped by 12 sims per month, our individual ships show a more varied range. In June the steepest climb was Starbase 118 Ops, with a 44 increase from last month, leaving them at 256. Our deepest drop was the Doyle, whose total from last month was 285, while fell 56 sims putting them at 202. Another sharp drop was the Invicta, which went from 229 in May to 188 in June. Other ships stayed closer to their May numbers during June.

My prediction in May was for a climb in June, but it with things steadying through the end of June, hopefully we’ll see that climb in July.

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