Join us for trivia in our July chat

Join us for trivia in our July chat

Set your calendar: Star Trek trivia is coming to a fleet chat near you!
Join us on: Sunday, July 10th at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 6pm London / 3am Sydney (AUS). (See your timezone here.)
Our July chat will feature a special kick-back-and-relax activity: we’ll be hosting a special Star Trek trivia contest for all the trivia heads out there!  We’ll have 1/2 hour of trivia that covers all four Star Trek series, the animated series, and all 10 ‘prime universe’ movies!  And maybe a little bit of Starbase 118 trivia thrown in!
Who can participate?  Any StarBase 118 member who shows up!  Remember to set your chat name to your primary character name so we know who you are and you can get bragging rights for your mad trivia skills!
Not into trivia?  No worries!  You can come and spectate, cheer on your teammates, and join us for an open chat afterwards!
To participate, simply head to our online chat room, at: — if you have problems connecting, use the instructions listed below the chat box.

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