New Captain at Large: Roshanara Rahman, CO of Veritas

New Captain at Large: Roshanara Rahman, CO of Veritas

Each year, the Executive Council – as required by our Community Constitution – chooses a “Captain at Large” or “CAL” who represents the voice of the larger captains for the Executive Council.
For 2016, Capt. Selene Faranfey of the Athena acted as the CAL. The Executive Council extends to her our deepest thanks for her participation on the council over the past year.
For 2017, the Executive Council has appointed Capt. Roshanara Rahman of the USS Veritas as the CAL. Congratulations to him for earning the vote of confidence. Rahman – whose writer is Rich – is one of our most active members, and most active members of the Captains Council. He was profiled on the Community News this past January after launching the Federation News Service as a spinoff organization.
We’d also like to thank the other candidates for the CAL role, for being willing to participate in the election process!
For more information on the Executive and Captains Councils, see their pages on the wiki.

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