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Applications and Academy Graduates for September 2016

Each month, the Academy staff compiles the statistics about our recruiting and training for the fleet’s informational purposes. Let’s take a look at how we did in September.

This first graph shows the number of applications we received each month this year. The month of September brought us eight new applicants which is the third lowest so far this year and indicates a steady decline in our number of new applications. This number is down from the previous month, and can be contributed to the typical decline we have in applications during early fall each year.


The following chart shows how members found us, according to their application:


This final graph shows how many people graduated from the Academy during the month of September. We had five Academy graduates this month making September one of our lowest months for graduates so far this year. This number also includes two members who applied during August but finished their Academy training during the month of September.


New recruits are the lifeblood of our community. When our application rate slows, it makes it hard to keep our ships fully crewed, not to mention impossible to grow. So if you’d like to help us recruit more members and grow our fleet, you can join the Publicity Team using this form.

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