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USS Atlantis investigates communications silence at Outpost Bravo

PIKTAR I — After Prometheus Station went silent, so did Outpost Bravo, which is linked to Prometheus Station, and the USS Atlantis has been dispatched to determine the status of their personnel.

While on route to Outpost Bravo, the crew celebrated the announced wedding of Ensigns Mathias Duncan and William Brax in holodeck 2 of Atlantis. The engagement party was attended by all and had an 80s theme associated with it. During the celebration, the Atlantis was hit by a debilitating anomaly which left the ship stuck in space with still several hours from its destination remaining.

Several crewmembers sustained injuries when Atlantis was struck by the anomaly, with the worst being that of Ensign Mary Fenelli, who has been left paralyzed (hopefully only temporarily). With the Atlantis unable to continue on her journey, Captain Raj Blueheart called a briefing to announce that an away team, led by Lieutenant Commander Tracey Townson, will proceed to Bravo Outpost to investigate the condition of that outpost while also delivering a virus sample for the scientists there, using the aeroshuttle Tiger Shark. The remaining crew remained behind to conduct repairs to Atlantis.

“He who creates controls to a degree the future,” commented Ensign Johnathan Pike.

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