September 2015 Post Totals

September 2015 Post Totals

Welcome back to our monthly look at simming activity across the fleet!
September has seen a wide variety of changes in post counts from our ships since August: four showing increases, one maintaining its sim rates from last month, and six ships posting a lower number of sims. The Constitution heads the pack for post totals in September, leading with over 200 sims, and it is closely followed by the Columbia and Duronis II Embassy who each submitted 195. Well done to all!
Post Totals Sept 2015
Overall, we saw a decrease in the average post count for the fleet. A dip in post totals is very typical for this time of year — since 2010, we’ve only seen the fleet’s average monthly sim rate increase once during September. As Autumn takes hold (at least in the Northern Hemisphere!) we often see an upswing in October’s post totals as the darker nights chase many of us indoors.
Average Sims Per Month (2015)
What will October bring? Tune in next month to find out, and in the meantime, don’t forget to keep up with our stories on the fleet’s sim archive!

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