USS Constitution-B finds USS Thomas Edison adrift

USS Constitution-B finds USS Thomas Edison adrift

PIKTAR SYSTEM — The USS Thomas Edison has been found adrift after the disaster at Prometheus Station, and an away team from the USS Constitution has been sent over to investigate.
After the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) finished dealing with the attack on the station, the commanding officer of the ship, Commander Shelther Faranster, received a Priority 1-C message and was ordered to head to Deep Space 10. The Constitution set course for the station at maximum cruise. The original estimate for arrival was 28 days, but thanks to the help from Lieutenants JG Ceciri Ariadust and Zogi, the Constitution made it in 16 days using trade lanes and space highways.
On arrival at Deep Space 10, Commander Faranster headed directly to a meeting with Captain Cassandra Egan Manno of the USS Garuda and Commodore Heather Westhaven about his orders and destination; however, the meeting was classified and all Starfleet was releasing was that it had to do with numerous issues in the Piktar system.
After the meeting, all party’s returned to their ships and offices. The Constitution then jumped to warp in search for the USS Thomas Edison (NCC-98245). They started with its last known location near the Piktar system. Not long after arriving in the system, Ensign Kala Meressa found a trail leading to the ship. Lieutenants JG Cory Stoyer and Ceciri Ariadust found the Thomas Edison‘s signal and navigated towards her.
While the Constitution headed closer, it started to encounter unknown dimensional bubbles. The ship’s new first officer Lieutenant Commander Siris started to experience extreme headaches and flashes of other realities. A short time later other crewmen started to report strange things. Commander Faranster asked Commander Tal Tel-ar to find a way to protect the ship from them, and Lieutenant Commander Udas offered to help with this.
“It was like I was on the holodeck in the middle of a battle,” said one of the crewmembers.
“It’s not every day you see yourself die, and I don’t want it to be,” said another.
On arrival at the Thomas Edison, Commander Faranster got to work organizing teams. While he was doing this, survivors of the Thomas Edison contacted the ship. The three survivors were trapped in main engineering, and they explained that the rest of the crew had devolved. Faranster ordered Siris to lead an away team to get the information on the virus and a second away team lead by Udas to get the survivors off the ship.
Both away teams headed to the transporter rooms. Siris took Lieutenant Commander Ben Hunnicutt, Lieutenant JG Alexander Bishop, Ensign Kane Morgan and Ensign Kala Meressa. On arrival on the Thomas Edison, the team rematerialized in a dimensional bubble and were thrown into a different dimension.
Meanwhile, Udas took Commander Tel-ar, Lieutenant JG Aidoann Danara, Ensign Li Qiuhui and 2nd Lieutenant Cerissa Tyren. On arrival, they made their way towards the Thomas Edisons engineering room and met an interesting surprise.

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