Artificial intelligence infiltrates USS Columbia’s systems

Artificial intelligence infiltrates USS Columbia’s systems

PIKTAR SYSTEM — The USS Columbia has confronted an artificial intelligence that took control of Outpost Alpha in the Piktar System, but the A.I. has now infiltrated Columbia’s systems as well.
As part of the Prometheus Incident, the USS Columbia was sent to find out what had happened to Outpost Alpha. En route, they began to suspect that the A.I. had gone rogue. As a routine precaution, outbound communications (except for the main bridge), were cut, so as to avoid any interferences from the station’s A.I.
Soon after, Captain Ben Livingston received a small delegation of Ferengi. With the help of Ens. Tatash, LtCmdr. Vitor Silveira and Ens. Ceilidh Riverview, he tried to make their guests talk about their intentions regarding Outpost Alpha. The scheme looked like it would work when first officer Trolloc revealed that she disliked what her people were doing in the Piktar sector.
While this diplomatic chatter went on, Silveira managed to outwit a Ferengi communication officer, and bought a data stick containing vital information. Moments later, Livingston was called away, as Ambassador Gavin MacLaren had made a surprised visit, bearing an unexpected gift: a coded message that is related to Outpost Alpha.
During those events, LtCmdr. Brek, Cmdr. Karynn Brice, Lt. Johanna MacLaren, along with a squad of Marines led by 2nd Lt. Dorian Grand, went to explore Outpost Alpha. As soon as they ventured into a corridor, they encountered a group of scientists who, in no uncertain terms, asked them to leave. The way all their movements were coordinated and their constant references to a ‘complete or incomplete circle’, convinced the team that this group had somehow been subjugated by Outpost Alpha’s A.I.
When it became clear that the A.I was trying to get rid of the Ferengi who recently boarded the outpost, the away team tried to help Alpha find them. However, violent actions from those Ferengi thwarted their plans.
On Columbia’s bridge, Ensign Diego Beyett and CPO Hector Adler struggled to keep control of the probe that had been sent to monitor the outpost. This signaled the beginning of new complications: Alpha’s A.I. took advantage of a coded message consulted by the crew to infiltrate Columbia’s systems. Replicators and forcefields were among the first systems to fall under its control.
“It’s a life form. The outpost was experimenting some time ago with intelligence. Not artificial, but cybernetic,” said Ensign Tatash, Columbia’s security officer.

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