Riots Erupt on StarBase 118

Riots Erupt on StarBase 118

STARBASE 118 — After offering sanctuary to a damaged civilian freighter, an unexplained madness has gripped the civilian population and portions of the crew, inciting them to deadly riots.
Following the docking of the SS Vytak, StarBase 118 offered sanctuary to hundreds of injured civilian refugees from the damaged vessel. Before the last refugees had made it off the ship, Ops received a hail from Captain Y-Rocck of the Noguwip. Y-Rocck demanded that all civilians from the Vtyak be turned over to him so that they could be ‘cleansed’ and the demon on board ‘destroyed.’ Sensing a massacre, Cmdr. Leo Handley-Page denied the request. After some discussion, Handley-Page agreed to send a negotiating team over to the Noguwip consisting of Ambassador Nia Calderan, Counselor Vance Sheridan, and Lt. JG Sabina Tiam.
Once on board, the diplomatic team was immediately incarcerated and forced to undergo a painful cleansing process to rid them of the demon’s influence. Sheridan and Tiam were released back to StarBase 118, but Calderan remains Y-Rocck’s prisoner. Unfortunately Ops was in no position to protest this treatment because their attention was drawn by a wave of violent riots which broke out throughout the civilian decks. After the mob overwhelmed security and violently opposed the marines dispatched to control the situation, Handley-Page set up a command center closer to the issue to suppress the violence.
Most disturbingly, reports rolled in from all decks indicating that Starfleet officers were joining the unruly mob. All witnesses said that there was no rhyme nor reason to the mob’s formation, and those who were part of it appeared uniformly insane as if widespread hysteria had infected the population of StarBase 118.
“Pon Pon believes that they cannot be reasoned with once reaching critical illness,” said newly arrived Dr. Pon Pon.
“They’re targ-dung crazy, and I can’t shoot ’em,” said Marine Lieutenant K’Tang, who was guarding the medical facility. “If one goes down they just trample ’em and move forward. It’s a perfect dilemma.”
Further damage reports have come in from all sectors of StarBase 118, including widespread power failures, security breaches, and life support failures in critical areas. All medical facilities are overwhelmed, and Handley-Page has stated he may reconsider the Noguwip’s help.
Fortunately the Starbase’s science team had just returned with evidence concerning the terrorist attacks that StarBase 118 recently weathered. The team has been able to provide outside assistance to the command center controlling the riots as multiple officers close in on the ‘demon’ hiding in the chaos.
Neither the command center nor the science team have been able to delve deeply into the unusual readings they picked up from their away mission, but Starfleet science was copied on the information. They have already flagged the readings as a top priority to be studied once the riots are quelled.

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