USS Apollo rushes to aid adrift Klingon freighter

USS Apollo rushes to aid adrift Klingon freighter

AZURE NEBULA — Starfleet officers came to the aid of a Klingon freighter after it was attacked and left adrift with its cargo stolen.
“The enemy snuck up on us like kos’karii with no honor,” said Captain Shi’Tok, commanding officer of the Klingon freighter IKS Vut’Cha, to Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx, commanding officer of the USS Apollo.
The Apollo had just left from a stopover at Starbase 118, where the crew was invited to join the Festival of Diversity, one of the largest cultural celebrations in the galaxy. The crew of the Apollo also used the festival as an opportunity for a team building exercise for their senior staff.
As the teams were participating on this exercise, camouflaged as a scavenger hunt, the station though was suddenly rocked by a rather strong ion storm. The crew returned to the ship and brought distance between them and the storm, while being prepared to offer assistance to the crew of the starbase. The science and tactical department worked together on finding more information about the sudden ion storm but ran into more questions to the puzzle than answers.
At the beginning of Alpha shift the next day, the Apollo received a distress call from the Vut’Cha, which had been attacked in the Azure Nebula, and was now adrift in Federation space. While the ion storm was still on the minds of the crew, the Apollo rushed at maximum warp towards the Vut’Cha to offer assistance.
The freighter is now receiving parts for repairs from the Apollo’s engineers. Their cargo though is lost in the hands—or rather cargo rooms—of the attackers. A team on the Apollo is working to identify the culprits and their way off scene to possibly return said cargo to Captain Shi’Tok and his crew.

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