StarBase 118 narrowly avoids disaster

StarBase 118 narrowly avoids disaster

STARBASE 118 – A quick response from Starfleet crews neutralized a bomb threat, contained alien monsters, and captured terrorists. The crew of StarBase 118 was subsequently granted a well-deserved and extended leave after tirelessly working to protect their station and the surrounding area.
Onboard StarBase 118 security and bomb removal teams located all sticky bombs planted by a Romulan terrorist, and neutralized the bombs with a clever solvent compound that harmlessly melted the bombs into inert sludge. Medical and counseling teams were successful in evacuating all civilians from the area safely and calmly. Meanwhile Lieutenant Trel’lis, aided by Security and Ops teams, was able to take down a Romulan terrorist inside sickbay before she could kill any hostages.
As StarBase 118 cleaned up the mess, Commander Falcon and Ensign Vondaryan returned on the ISV Valor, having successfully captured two major criminals responsible for the sale of the materials used in making sticky bombs. After delivering their cargo to the Black Tower brig, the crew was all granted shore leave.
However peaceful shore leave did not last very long. Soon after Captain Handley-Page returned from his research mission to Earth, there was a strange occurrence in sickbay. Commander Wulfantine, who was being treated for a minor animal bite when doctors noticed an unusual strain of nanites in his bloodstream. Wulfantine immediately became violent and started morphing into a monstrous creature; his transformation was followed by similar transformations in Lieutenant JG Sian Douglas and Ambassador Calderan. Security and Marines responded quickly, containing the monsters; but so far science and medical teams are unable to reverse the condition.
“I’m not kidding you, I saw a girl turn into a giant spider!” commented orderly Vas Lannin. “Seriously, giant. Like, no one should ever see a spider that big, giant. I hate spiders. I can’t imagine what it’s like to turn into a spider…”
“Everyone was shaken up, it was like a nightmare come to life. A nightmare with giant spiders!” he added.
Afterwards Captain Handley-Page granted the crew an extended leave that culminated in an awards banquet in the officer’s lounge. Many of the crew were honored for their work in the past mission, and the whole affair was capped off with dinner, drinks and a molten chocolate lava cake stuffed with Delavian chocolate while the base waited anxiously to see if the transformation could be reversed.

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