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October 2015 Post Totals

Welcome back to our monthly look at simming activity across the fleet!

Overall, post counts have decreased from September — not an unusual situation, given that October has seen many of our members enjoying holidays and leaves of absence. Bucking this trend, however, are the Columbia and Starbase 118 Ops! Ops saw an impressive jump of over 80 sims from September’s totals, and the Columbia submitted over 210 sims — an amazing effort from both crews, and very well done!

Post Totals, October 2015

This decrease from September is quite unusual in recent years, but definitely not without precedent — in 2009, 2010 and 2011 we saw post totals decrease in October, only to rise again later in the year, as we moved into the holiday season.

October has seen the lowest sim count of the year, and it’s interesting that even at the lowest point of the year, this month’s post totals still greatly exceed some of our previous Octobers by a significant amount!

What will November bring? It’s very hard to predict, as we’ve seen the post totals both increase and decrease from October in past years.

Average Sims  Per Month (to October) 2015

Only time will tell, so tune in next month to find out, and in the meantime, don’t forget to keep up with our stories on the fleet’s sim archive!

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