Introducing a New Species: A How-to Guide

Introducing a New Species: A How-to Guide

You’ve decided that you’d like to create and contribute a new alien species to our suite of both canon and novel species available for play in StarBase 118 sims. What is the process for submitting this species for approval and how do you go about it?
Initial Considerations
The first step is to consider what you want achieve with this new species that cannot be achieved with any canon species. What new opportunities will they present and how will they enrich our storylines as a whole? Look through the Intelligent Lifeform Index at all the available species and check that there isn’t already a species available that will allow you to fulfill your goals. There are a large number of underdeveloped species which would benefit from player input!
Once you’ve decided that no species currently exists that will fulfill your goals, your next step is to put together a species proposal.
Species Proposal
This is submitted to your Commanding Officer. It is your case for introducing a new species, and should contain the following information:

  • A summary of your new species suitable for the Wiki. (For examples see the Intelligent Lifeform Index). This should include any special abilities beyond the (Human) norm and any unusual physical and cultural traits.
  • A Character Bio for your proposed PC
  • An explanation of what subjects, areas or issues you are hoping to explore, with reference to the following:
    • Are there any similar species already in the ILI?
    • What is it about this new species that you particularly want to play and explore?
    • Can you play and/or explore those themes with an existing species?.

Your Commanding Officer will then consider your proposal.
90-Day Trail and Final Assessment
If the New Species Proposal is approved, you will be able to create your new species character and then begin a 90 day trial during which your species concept is road-tested through your simming of that character. This is your opportunity to make the character and species shine and demonstrate how they provide an angle of play that is not otherwise available.
Your Commanding Officer will observe closely as your new species is played, and at the end of the 90 day trial period they will submit a report to the Captain’s Council, who will then discuss the new species concept and decide whether it will be approved for play and, if so, what classification it will be.

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