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May 2015 Post Totals

Last month, we saw one of the strangest trends in fleet post totals: Though several ships had higher totals for May, the overall total was a little lower than April — but the average number of posts actually increased. How is this possible? The unfortunate decommissioning of the Excalibur prompted the lower fleet total, but increases in individual ships’ posting rates — Columbia, Constitution (which was also Apollo during this month), Darwin, Victory, and Starbase 118 Ops all saw increases, and those were enough to boost the average posting rate so that, even with the lower overall total, May beat out April. Well done, everyone!

avg sims may 2015

As for individual ships, the general trend was for increases — the five installations mentioned above all posted obvious gains, and Gemini finished off just slightly higher than it had been in April. Atlantis saw a final very similar to its total in April, and Garuda posted a lower total in part because of an ongoing experiment into PNPC usage among its crew. Still, the overall increases even in the face of the Excalibur‘s decommissioning seem to be a good sign of things to come, and we look forward to seeing what June will bring!

sim totals May 2015