July 2015 Post Totals

July had been a month of big changes for the UFOP: Starbase 118 fleet. The Atlantis and the Gemini merged together, re-launching as the Apollo-A under the command of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti. After a change in command staff, the Victory crew transferred to the Gorkon.

What effect has this had on the fleet’s post counts? Let’s find out!


Post counts across the fleet are up! The average post rate has increased for a third consecutive month, rising from 177 in June to 188 in July. Most of our vessels saw an increase in their counts this month, with five submitting more than 200 sims for the month. Starbase 118 Ops was our most prolific sim site, with 267 sims, and the newly launched Apollo posted a total of 144 sims — an amazing achievement, as the simming only began there on the 13th of July!

Last month we looked at the trends going back a couple of years. Looking at the graph, we can see that we’re still closely mirroring the sim rates of 2013. 2014 had high average sim rates for the first half of the year, and this month the fleet managed to exceed 2014’s posts totals — only the second time we’ve beaten 2014’s sim rates this year!


Will we see the mirroing of 2013’s trends continue, and enjoy a massive upswing in sim rates for the holiday month of August? Tune in next month to find out, and don’t forget to keep up with our stories on the fleet’s sim archive!

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Quinn Reynolds is currently the commanding officer of the USS Gorkon, and has served as an engineer and intelligence officer over the course of her career. She is played by Emma, an avid roleplayer and gamer, who has also been known to knit and rollerskate on occasion.
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