Introducing the USS Invicta

Introducing the USS Invicta

The USS Invicta, NCC-81407, is a state-of-the-art diplomatic courier vessel of the Cardiff class assigned to the Menthar Corridor. The Invicta succeeds the USS Garuda and the USS Mercury as the primary vessel assigned to the region, but unlike either of its predecessors, it is not an isolated explorer but is supported by the experimental diplomatic installation Astrofori One.

So begins the exciting adventures of the newest starship in the 118 fleet, the USS Invicta! The Invicta is the fleet’s first ship of the Cardiff class, a noncanon, fan-made design courtesy of the digital artist Paul Lloyd, who has kindly given his permission for the usage. The Invicta‘s most striking visual aspect is most likely its nontraditional warp drive. Like the Vulcan ships of EnterpriseInvicta doesn’t use the standard Starfleet nacelles but employs a ring-shaped, annual drive. The two nacelle-shaped components are in fact large sensors pods, full of equipment, laboratories, and personnel that allow the Invicta to be one of the most advanced science and diplomatic ships operating in the Star Trek universe.
In addition to the advanced scientific exploration Invicta can perform, the ship is also well-placed to become a diplomatic mainstay. The Vulcan warp drive is just one aspect of many that reflects the cooperative nature of her design, and you’ll find a strong contingent of visiting diplomats, civilian personnel, and unique aliens aboard Invicta. The final frontier awaits!
The Invicta has already launched, and you should be sure to follow her adventures, check out her stats, and join her crew for some informal discussion on the forums

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