Rogue Starfleet officer captured as Astrofori One officially opens

Rogue Starfleet officer captured as Astrofori One officially opens

ASTROFORI ONE — The founding members of Astrofori One voted to allow the Va Wreth to remain, and while working to prevent a diplomatic crisis, the USS Garuda captured Starfleet traitor Harrison Ross.
The senior staff of the USS Garuda had been tasked with learning more about the Va Wreth in light of claims by the Kubarey Confederation and the Peppalexans of atrocities committed by the nomadic species. A team led by Dr. Chythar Skyfire set out on the Garuda in search for the Va Wreth’s nearby contacts, which led them to a Taredge colony. Meanwhile, teams remaining aboard Astrofori One attempted to find out more about the Va Wreth covertly to mixed success.
Ultimately, the crew discovered that the conflicting views of the Va Wreth – seen by some as helpful traders and others as an unstoppable force – were both valid. When the Va Wreth population is stable with a low rate of adult turnover, they trade and negotiate for what they want amicably with other species such as the Tholians and early Romulans who had just left Vulcan.
Yet because of how vital trade is to their survival, the Va Wreth do not respond well to threats and being denied access to their trade routes. They swiftly attack those who blockade them. All of the fallen, whether their own or their enemies, is used to feed the Va Wreth larvae and adults, which grow rapidly and the ranks of the Va Wreth swell. This exponential growth rate allows them to overwhelm their enemy in numbers, even if they suffer heavy losses. It was this version of the Va Wreth that the Peppalexans remembered as having no end.
“While we may find the Va Wreth’s past ruthlessness disconcerting, they are hardly the only species with such capability,” said Churok, FNS columnist and former press secretary for President Ra-ghoratreii. “When President Ra-ghoratreii extended overtures of peace to the Klingon Empire a century ago, we did not expect them to abandon their warrior culture, and we found a way to work towards common goals.”
Indeed, the Va Wreth delegation assisted Fleet Captain Egan Manno, Captain Aron Kells, and the rest of the Garuda crew in defusing the situation by clearing the station during final negotiations. Ultimately, three of the four members of the majority council – the Federation, Breen, and Romulans – voted for the continued presence of the Va Wreth while the Kubarey chose to abstain.
Meanwhile, on the eve of the Federation President’s State of the Federation address, a team led by Garuda‘s first officer Lt. Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman captured Commander Harrison Ross, who himself was the former first officer of the Garuda before he betrayed his crew last year. During an intense standoff, the team discovered that Ross and his associates had infiltrated even the upper levels of the president’s security detail.
Fortunately, the true Harrison Ross, who was being imprisoned within his own body by the shadow personality that had taken over, was able to reveal to Captain Quinn Reynolds that the true target of the shadow Ross’s plan was not the President but businessman Tyson Holt. Further interrogation by Lt. Cmdr. Evan Delano revealed the other names of his accomplices, but just how Delano was able to extract the information from Ross – a forced mind meld – is now under investigation.
Just as Captain Kells and his crew were about to sit back as honored guests at the State of the Federation address aboard the USS Invicta, the captain suddenly found himself asked to stand as the President announced that he and his crew were to lead the Invicta Expedition, the first of a bold new set of dedicated research and exploratory missions into the farthest corners of the galaxy.

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